The perfect mirror with a smart TV installed anywhere in the mirror.

Custom Size MirrorVue

7,207.58 - 11,484.07 / sq. ft.

  • Complete Mirror TV assembly; With Custom Mirror Glass Sizes
  • Silver glass shade, TV completely vanishes when turned off. No maintenance, very easy to clean.
  • Extra thin 1.3″ TV housing, even for large 100″ TV
  • Low voltage 12 or 24 volts for added safety
  • 4K resolution on 28″ TV and higher
  • Extra brightness LED panels for optimal performance
  • Choice of Added Accessories, such as Light Bars and/or Frame
  • Light Bars available in cool or warm color tone; in 1″ or 2″ wide light strips; Ideal lighting for every mirror.
  • Compatible with Mirror Feeds App. What is this?

How does it work?

Black Number One IconPlease provide the following information of your MirrorVue. Length, Height, TV size, TV location, LED light and other options.

Black Number Two IconYou will receive your personal customized production drawing to review your order within 1 business day.

Black Number Three IconAfter receiving your personal production drawing, you can still make changes or sign for approval.

Black Number Four IconOnce we receive your final approval, we start production. You are in full control and you will receive your MirrorVue exactly how you want it.

Black Number Five Icon

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    Add Integrated Light to your Mirrorvue

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