QAIO Flex Limitless Fitness Mirror

QAIO Flex Limitless


QAIO Flex Smart Fitness Mirror

Due to high demand, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

  1. Works with all fitness apps
  2. Touch Screen, Google Assist Voice Control
  3. With a large, 75” portrait LED panel and a small 12.1” MirrorFeeds panel on top.
  4. Choose from different wall mounts.
  5. QAIO Flex comes complete, ready to install and to use.
  6. Use as a regular mirror when off. (Monitor vanishes completely when not in use)
  7. Compatible with Mirror Feeds App. What is this?
  8. 1-year warranty on part on parts and labor. Free 90 days technical support.
  9. For more information, please visit
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